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Welcome to Norstar Tech Suppport!
We are standing by right now to assist you with your Nortel Networks Norstar telephone, voicemail, or ACD systems.

We offer fast, friendly, effective support at the best rate on the net. In most cases we can help you resolve your problem for far less than what you would be charged for a traditional on-site service call. If you are just browsing, save us to your favorites. We will be here when you need help.

If you need assistance now, open a ticket and let's fix that problem!

We also offer After-hours Support
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We provide support to Nortel end-users, as well as
Service Technicians needing assistance on-site.
Our mission is to provide you the answers and
instruction to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

Whether it's something as simple as resetting a password, troubleshooting line problems, setting up your voicemail or auto-attendant, switching carriers including PRI cutovers, or even completely programming a new system installation, we've got you covered!

Products we support:

Meridian Systems

  • Norstar 3 X 8
  • Norstar 6 X 16
  • Norstar 8 X 24
  • Norstar Flash Voicemail
  • Norstar Applications Module
  • M7100 telephones
  • M7208 telephones
  • M7310 telephones
  • M7324 telephones

ICS Systems

  • CICS
  • MICS
  • Norstar Applications Module
  • Nortel CallPilot 100
  • Nortel CallPilot 150
  • Nortel T7100 telephones
  • Nortel T7208 telephones
  • Nortel T7316 telephones
  • Nortel T24 add-on modules
Live Chat!
M-F 9am-6pm ET

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We are available.

ACD products

  • CallPilot Call Center
  • Cintech Products
    • Minuet
    • Prelude
    • Cinphony I & II
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We are currently not offering support on the BCM product line

NorstarTechSupport.com is a private support service,
not affiliated with Nortel Networks or Avaya.

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